Reliable Connections and Top Speeds

We install and support Wi-Fi networks for Wichita area businesses. We specialize in integrated wireless networks that not only offer reliable connectivity, but also include tight integration of computers, mobile devices, voice, and video.

Our wireless systems significantly increase multi‑user throughput, and reliability. Whether you’re connecting one user, or thousands, our wi-fi technology is an affordable, productivity increasing investment.

High Capacity Wi-Fi

In addition to standard Wi-Fi, we also offer high capacity Wi-Fi that supports many concurrent users and extreme surges in network traffic. Custom solutions are designed specifically for your location, budget and goals. These systems work indoor and out.

Wi-fi systems

Long Range Wi-Fi

We have long range wi-fi solutions that work indoors and out. Strategically placed wireless access points can ensure reliable connectivity on larger properties, tall buildings, and other areas where a consistent signal may be difficult to maintain.

Revenue Generating Wi-Fi

If your property would like to charger users Wi-Fi service, we offer networking hardware that can automate and manage all aspects of wireless usage, throttling, and billing. These Wi-Fi networks are perfect for hotels, apartments, conventions and special events. If you’d like to charge users for access and generate new revenue, ask us how.

Wichita KS Wi-Fi Services

  • Wi-Fi installation
  • Wireless network design
  • High capacity wireless
  • Router installation
  • Mobile device support
  • Wi-Fi monetization
  • Network management
  • Network support
  • Wi-Fi troubleshooting
  • Fast Wi-Fi solutions

We design, install and repair Wi-Fi networks, and offer ongoing support via Managed IT plans, or on-demand technical support. Our installation services includes expert network design, which ensures consistent and reliable connectivity throughout your property. We also offer expert consulting for new construction, network upgrades and remodeling projects. If your wireless network doesn’t meet your needs, or if you’re planning to a construction project contact us for a free consultation.

For more information about our custom Wi-Fi solutions for businesses, give us a call. We are a Wichita, KS owned and operated businesses.

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